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Anti Snoring Ring uses Acupressure techniques that have been tried and tested for 3,500 years.

The snore ring has two 'triggers', these put light pressure on two acupressure points located on everyone's little finger (the ring has to be placed on the right little finger for men, and left for women), so the wearer's airways are cleared to help you and your partner get a restful night without snoring. It's a natural and non-invasive way to ensure both you and your partner wake up ready to face the challenges of a new day!

Available in size Small (15 – 17mm), Medium (17-19mm) and large (19 – 22mm).




Additional Information

How Anti-Snoring Rings Work

The anti snoring ring uses acupressure by apply pressure on specific points on your little finger. The anti snoring ring is unique in that it is the only product that uses two acupressure points. This advanced technology brings about superior benefits, not only eliminating snoring but also working in harmony with your own body’s bio rhythms. It is a natural non-invasive way of getting a great night’s sleep both for you and your partner. Ensuring you awake fresh, invigorated and ready to face the day ahead.

The Anti-Snoring Ring uses the technique acupressure on two specific points of the little finger. The affects the little finger, the gap on the top, the good night anti-snoring ring should be adjusted gently squeezing its outer edges. It has two acu-activateurs, one located on the outer edge of the little finger, the other on the edge, to be able to release the upper respiratory tract (nose, sore throat, sinus) with the stop of off the significant reduction of snoring during sleep but also a better oxygenation of the tissues as well as a sense of more great shape in the morning.

You place the ring on you little finger. Right for men and left for women. The gap in the ring should face towards the top of your hand with the Acu-Activators placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. The larger Acu-Activator should be on the outside of the finger.

It's a risk-free purchase
Money back guarantee if not satisfied within 30 days
Stylish and discreet
Snoring sorted! Drug-free and free of side-effects!

Studies of this anti-snoring ring show high effectiveness as we look back into Chinese history for acupressure methods and successful techniques for over 3.000 years is proof that this device is able to help many people with their snoring problem.
Researchers knew the marketplace needed anti-snoring devices. Society demanded devices that do not cost an arm or leg and work successfully and there is a device known as an anti-snoring ring.

Read on to find out all about this one leading product that could constrain your noisy nights of snoring.
• This alternative medical practice has been in use for centuries, so that says that it probably does work.
• China used, for well over 3.000 years, a medical principle called acupressure. China still uses this technique. Access this website for extensive history and how the acupoints in the little finger affect the muscles of the throat.
• This principle has dramatically increased over the last few years. This method is safe and easy to use. This method proves highly useful. Your health depends on you getting restful sleep.
A. An anti-snoring ring is worn on the small finger to relieve snoring problems. The little finger is the only finger that has acupoints associated with snoring. Wearing the ring on another finger will not be sufficient. This method is supported by a 2012 study done by the Aspen Clinical Group. 17 out of 20 participants reacted positively to this ring.

• Males wear the ring on the right little finger.
• Females wear the ring on the left little finger.

Everyone reacts differently to treatments. Snoring is not only irritating, it is dangerous to your health.
Do not use a ring for snoring if you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Otherwise, a ring may be just what the doctor ordered.

• There has not been a better or more useful invention than this ring.
• This ring is also known as an acupressure ring.
• This ring is made from metal such as copper, titanium, stainless steel, and sterling silver. The copper metal used on the inside of the ring has valuable magnetic properties.
• This ring must be sized for your little finger.
• Both man and woman can use this ring.

Be careful to order the right size ring. The ring cannot be too small or too large. Try out different rings before stating the size you want to avoid shipping the ring back.
• Apply the ring 30-60 minutes before going to sleep. Do not apply too long or too close to sleep time; effects lessen.
• Males wear the ring on the right little finger.
• Females wear the ring on the left little finger.
• Slide the ring onto the finger, push it to the finger's bottom between the joint and the knuckle.
• Place the flattened section against the inside of the finger.
• Press the bump of the ring against the outside of the finger.
• If you experience a snoring problem, you undoubtedly keep your partner and yourself awake, and no one gets adequate sleep to meet the new day.

Thanks to medical researchers who have analysed all snoring devices regarding quality, ease of use, effectiveness and price. The researchers were able to ascertain the top five anti-snoring devices as leaders in the industry. Our ring came out as one of the top products hailing a 9.8 rating.

There are a few instances in which this ring is not recommended.

• No one under 18-years of age
• Not used by pregnant women
• If you have a pacemaker or heart conditions
• If you have sleep apnoea

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